Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dog and Cats PET Caricatures in Austin and various animal events

Many interesting things have been happening on the artistic side of my life.  Beside doing paintings, commissions, and teaching, I've also been staying busy doing Dog and Cat Pet caricatures at different events in Austin and participating in different animal related events.  
Pet caricatures at the events are usually done live and from photos.  If your pet is not with you at the event, I can paint him from a photo on your phone on a spot.  These caricatures are great gifts for any pet lover.  I use markers and special pencils.  You can also order caricatures from my website, it's $30 per picture in color.

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Recently I was invited to do pet caricatures at WHOLE PAWS events at WHOLE FOODS in Gateway and Bee Cave stores.  It was a lot of fun.   Here are a couple of photos from that event. 

This summer I did dog caricatures with  Walk Your Dog Austin organization at National Dog Party Day in Austin.  Walk Your Dog Austin is a great company that connects dog owners to various pet events and pet friendly places in Austin. 

I also participated at Puppy Mill Awareness Day 2013 in Austin, it was a wonderful successful event with many great people who love animals.   I met a lot of awesome people from local animal rescue organizations there.   My favorite weather man from KXAN news Jim Spencer was a speaker at the event.   Here are some photos of me doing dog caricatures there.   

I also painted dog caricatures with Paws of Austin at Great Dane get together and Austin Pet Expo.  I will post photos soon.

And I was glad to donate some of my animal artwork and services to AUSTIN PETS ALIVE auction, Bikers for Boxers, and Dogs Out Loud 'Tails under the Stars' auction  events to benefit Animal rescues. 


This Saturday I'll be doing caricatures with Austin Animal Alliance at FETCHING ART Auction and fundraising event in Cedar Park, TX.  The event is from 6:30-9:30 November 2nd.  Several local artists donated their artwork (I have a dog painting there as well) for the auction.  Please visit their page for more information.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Colorful Prismatic whimsical watercolor pets paintings by Svetlana Novikova

I've been working on a series of new watercolor paintings of animals - cats, dogs, horses, wildlife and more.  I am using vibrant contemporary color pairings and loose impressionistic brushwork style.  I use my favorite Russian watercolor set (from Saint Petersburg) and Silver brushes. 
Here are some of the new images.  They are available as prints on Gallery wrapped canvas, metal, acrylic, archival giclee paper, cards, framed and unframed in various sizes.

 I am also available for custom painted portraits from photos.

Here is pensive and somewhat suspicious Dalmatian pup dog with green eyes. 

Colorful Weimaraner Dog portrait with sad eyes

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Sad Basset Hound Dog with soulful eyes

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Cute Daschund Dog puppy painting

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Vibrant soulful English Setter Spaniel Dog portrait

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Orange Tubby Cat portrait painting

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Colorful Tubby Cat with Green eyes watercolor painting

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cute Whimsical Boston Terrier Dog painting

I recently did a funny Boston Terrier puppy dog painting with acrylics on canvas, measures 8x10".  It was inspired by a picture of a funny Boston Terrier I found.  Animals are so fun to paint, each one of them has their own personalities and quirkiness, just like people.
This painting is currently available for sale through my site -
I also offer Prints of this painting on gallery wrapped canvas, metal, acrylic, posters, or as greeting cards, framed and unframed through my printing shop -

I am available for custom Pet portraits from photos as well.

Whimsical Boston Terrier Puppy Dog painting

Monday, February 18, 2013

Colorful Impressionistic Austin Texas Downtown Cityscapes and Skylines by Svetlana Novikova

I've been enjoying painting various cityscapes, especially Austin cityscapes.  Austin is a unique place with so many intersting things to do and see.   I've lived here for over 8 years with my family, and this place became like a second home. 
Below are several of my Austin Cityscapes paintings.  Some originals are currently available, and images also come on gallery-wrapped canvases, metal, acrylics, paper, greeting cards, framed and unframed.   I am planning to do more Austin Cityscapes and local landscapes, so please check back often.  Thank you for looking!

Austin Impressionistic Skyline at Night painting #1

                                                                   (Original has been sold)

Austin Impressionistic Skyline at Night painting #2

(Original is currently available for sale)

Austin downtown Congress Avenue painting

                                                         (Original is currently available for sale)

Wild life paintings - Buffalos, Lions, Cheetah, Birds...


Lately, I've been drawn to paint wild life art and birds of prey.  Buffalos, Lions, Owls, Eagles...  Some of them are done with water colors on paper, others with acrylics on canvas or combined media.  I am including several current and older wild life paintings in this post.

Several original paintings are currently available for sale, and they also come as Giclee prints on gallery wrapped canvas, metal, acrylic, poster, and greeting cards.

                                             Buffalos painting - 9" x11" Watercolor on paper

                                                                    Original - $350
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                                              Mystic Owl painting - watercolor and mixed media

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                                   Bisons Buffalos in the Snow - 11x14" Acrylic on Canvas board

                                                             Original painting - $450
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                                                      Lion - 8"x10"  Acrylic on Canvas

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                                                      Cheetah painting - acrylic on Canvas
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Recent Horse Art Paintings

Merry Christmas!!

It's been a while since I posted.  Here are some of my recent equine impressionistic paintings.  Most of them are done with acrylics on canvas using palette knives and brushes.  I love vibrant color....  Some of these horse paintings are still for sale.

Giclee Prints are available in my PRINTS SHOP  on Gallery Wrapped canvas, metal, acrylic, archival paper, as greeting cards, framed or unframed. 

Please click on links below each image to see prints selections.

                                      "Contemporary Vibrant Horse Painting" -  Buy Prints

                                            "Two Vibrant Horses Painting" - Buy Prints

                                            "Contemporary Horses Painting" - Buy Prints


                                                 "Red Arabian Horse Painting" - Buy Prints

                                           "Red Horse Contemporary Painting" - Buy Prints

                                              "Blue-Eyed Paint Horse painting" -  Buy Prints

                                           "Two Mustang Horses painting"  -  Buy Prints

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Impressionistic Spring Blossoms tree landscape painting Svetlana Novikova

I just finished this piece.  It was done with acrylics on canvas.   I used brushes and palette knife. 

I was drawn to the freshness of blossoms and play of light and color in a reference image, and I wanted to portray the feeling of spring and joy in my painting.

It measures 24"x30", sides are painted. 

It's currently exhibiting at Quattro Gallery in Austin, TX.  Please visit for more information.  Opening reception is this Friday, September 30th - 7-10pm.