Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Portrait Sketching at BLANTON MUSEUM opening for 'ABOUT FACE' exhibit

I was recently hired to do portrait sketches at the opening of 'ABOUT FACE' exhibit at Blanton Museum. Sketches took about 10-15 per person, they were black and white. I used pencils. It was a pretty interesting experience.

Here is more information about ABOUT FACE exhibit -

After I was done, I went inside the exhibit and looked at new installations. A sound from a music band playing downstairs was blasting and echoing throughout the museum rooms. I found the combination of antique artwork (from another time domain) and contemporary metal (it sounded like metal) band sounds to be quiet surreal.
I always enjoy looking at old renaisance and realistic art, but I found several very beautiful and intriguing pieces by modern artists. This sculpture was done by Oliver Herring, called 'Patrick'. What was unusual to me about the piece is that the whole body was covered in patches of photographs. Even the hair war done with photos.  Please see photo and read description below.


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